Region One Assembly Daily Briefing

October 11, 2018.  Hi, all.  I just got off a Region One Assembly Info meeting (via Zoom) and am starting to get very excited.  My intention is to post information each day to give you a little preview of the information I'll be bringing back to our Intergroup.  I learned to day that in addition to taking care of business -- approving a budget, electing officers, action on motions, etc., we will have three workshops -- Action Plan for Strong Meetings, Action Plan for Strong Personal Recovery, and Action Plan for Strong Intergroups.  Another interesting session will be an explanation of the proposed restructuring of the World Service Board of Trustees.  Assembly will not be all work though and several fun activities have been included such as a mock motion to change the Region One logo from a heart to a unicorn, morning walks and meditation, and of course OA meetings at the end of each day.  I hope you'll check back next Wednesday for a wrap up of the evening's business and activities.  Paula Z.