Region One Assembly Daily Briefing

October 11, 2018.  Hi, all.  I just got off a Region One Assembly Info meeting (via Zoom) and am starting to get very excited.  My intention is to post information each day to give you a little preview of the information I'll be bringing back to our Intergroup.  I learned to day that in addition to taking care of business -- approving a budget, electing officers, action on motions, etc., we will have three workshops -- Action Plan for Strong Meetings, Action Plan for Strong Personal Recovery, and Action Plan for Strong Intergroups.  Another interesting session will be an explanation of the proposed restructuring of the World Service Board of Trustees.  Assembly will not be all work though and several fun activities have been included such as a mock motion to change the Region One logo from a heart to a unicorn, morning walks and meditation, and of course OA meetings at the end of each day.  I hope you'll check back next Wednesday for a wrap up of the evening's business and activities.  Paula Z.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

 October 17, 2018.  Made it.  I'm here.  On the flight from Seattle to Spokane, I noticed that the person across the aisle from me was reading the Abstinence book.  HP looking out for me!  I had dinner with my green dot mentor (mentor for Reps attending their first Assembly) and then we attended the first session of Assembly.  It has been a very full day -- travel, procedural matters, a long discussion about the proposed 2019 budget -- but I'm looking forward to the start of the business meetings tomorrow.  The agenda was put together very thoughtfully and we started on time and ended on time with 49 OAs saying Roseanne's Prayer in a huge circle.  Good night and I'd appreciate your prayers and words of wisdom.  Paula Z.


October 18, 2018.  What a day!!!!!  Meetings from 8:15 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  I'm excited and exhausted at the same time.  I have so many new ideas running around in my head -- I wish it would never end and I can't wait to get home to figure out to to pass on all the information, strength and hope that I've gained so far.  I'm going to just jot down a few items that I think you might enjoy - in no particular order:

** We can ask Region One to put on a strong Intergroup, strong meeting, strong personal recovery workshop.  It would be wonderful to have one of the Board members fly up (at Region One's expense), much as when Beverly came to Anchorage to present the Renewal program.

** One Intergroup (can't remember which) has a rotating Intergroup Chair with meetings every other month.

**  "Make service accessible by making it doable."  (Love this)

** ."Let go of old ideas and be excited!"

** . The Juneau Intergroup is changing its name to Southeast Alaska Intergroup.

** . "Intergroup is Fifth Tradition work."

** . Post OA information on Craig's list.

** The Oregon Intergroup sponsors a "Hope for the Holiday" workshop every year to help members enjoy an abstinent season.

**The 2019 Assembly and Convention will be in Portland.  The theme is Bridges to Recovery.

** . The Peninsula Intergroup applied to Region One for a grant to publish an ad about OA in the Coffee Time News.

** . The Sea to Sky Intergroup sponsors a candle light holiday workshop each year.  The IG has been asked to share the workshop format so hopefully it will be available on the Region One Website (soonish).

** . Snake River has IG meetings 4 times a year.

I was assigned to the Strong Recovery & Member Retention Project Team (including Outreach to Remote Groups).  I'll be working with a 5 member team (including me) and Margie is our Board Liaison.  We identified 4 Goals, using the Renewal format.  I'm glad I was assigned to this Team since I think a couple of the Goals will directly benefit all Alaska Intergroups.

Tomorrow we will be addressing the "big" items -- by law and policy motions, election of a new Vice-Chair, Secretary, Communications Coordinator, and Member-at Large, approval of the 2019 budget -- and then finishing up with the last workshop, Action Plan for Strong Intergroups, and Project Team meetings.

It's been grand.  I am so grateful that I was able to attend this year and already sad that I won't be at Assembly next year.  Or, maybe I'm just pooped and need to snuggle into bed with a good book to clear my brain and be ready for tomorrow.  Paula Z.

October 19, 2018.  What a day this has been!  Assembly is officially over and we completed every item on the agenda.  The business of the day were election of officers, adoption of the 2019 budget, and passage of Bylaws and Procedural motions.  The only motion that had a lot of debate affected how Region One distributes any monies that are “in excess” at the end of the year.  Several amendments were made to the primary motion from the floor and debate was, to say the least, spirited.  In the end the group conscience prevailed and the amendments were defeated and the motion was passed.  More about this if anyone is interested. 

For fun, we had the final workshop of Assembly - Strong Intergroup.  This was probably the best workshop of the three presented and I’m coming home with a ton of resource materials and information.  We did a lot of brainstorming about how to improve our Intergroups in general and about how to get better participation.  I’m hoping some of the ideas will catch the interest of our IG and we can try them to encourage all meetings to be represented. 

The day ended with the “green dots” being given permission to remove the green dots from our badges.  It was quite emotional as Beverly read a short commendation of the green dots and we got a round of applause for being willing to give service.  Next was appreciation of all Representatives and our Board and we closed with Roseanne’s Prayer.  I’m not sure if we were all tearful because (1) we were exhausted, (2) we were happy that Assembly had come to an end, or (3)  the love and warmth in the room overwhelmed us. 

I’m looking forward to the Keynote address this evening and truthfully can’t wait to get home.  Hugs from Spokane.  Start thinking about being our Representative next year so you can go to Portland and have this wonderful experience. 

P.S.  If anyone has read all or any part of my blatherings, please let me know!  I really enjoyed doing this and hope I was able to convey the excitement and the work that went on at Assembly.  Paula